Mar 112017

Birds of Prey Part 3

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It was so cold shooting these awesome birds of prey at the Raptor Conservancy that I actually missed a couple of birds because I had to go back inside to defrost my fingers. I think I got some keepers anyway.

All of my photos from this shoot can be seen here.

Jan 082017

Top Ten Albums 2016 with Simone

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Our list of the top ten albums of 2016 is finally here. Simone was shocked by some of my selections as I was by hers and so we needed to expand the top albums once again to satisfy both of us. This time we thought we would list the top 30. So here they are…

  1. David Bowie Blackstar
  2. Polica United Crushers
  3. RY X Dawn
  4. Blood Orange Freetown Sound
  5. Tindersticks The Waiting Room
  6. Ben Watt Fever Dream
  7. M.Craft Blood Moon
  8. Bon Iver 22, A Million
  9. Andy Shauf The Party
  10. Jim James Eternally Even
  11. Michael Kiwanuka Love & Hate
  12. Dylan Leblanc Cautionary Tale
  13. Hope Sandoval Until The Hunter
  14. Ray Lamontagne Ouroboros
  15. Aiden Knight Each Other
  16. Woodpigeon Trouble
  17. Jamie Isaac Couch Baby
  18. Maxwell blackSUMMERS’night
  19. Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
  20. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker
  21. Norah Jones Day Breaks
  22. Lambchop Flotus
  23. Porches Pool
  24. Young Hysteria Young Hysteria
  25. River Tiber Indigo
  26. James Vincent McMorrow We Move
  27. Lumineers Cleopatra
  28. Dan San Shelter
  29. Benjamin Francis Leftwich After The Rain
  30. Matt Holubowski Solitudes
Oct 152016

Bob Moses at the Danforth Music Hall

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Love these guys!  What an awesome show!

All of my photos can be viewed here.

Thanks to Quip Magazine.

Visit Quip Magazine for the review of the show here.

Oct 092016

Birds Of Prey Part 2

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Another great day shooting birds of prey at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy Inc.

All of my photos from the day can be seen here.

Jul 012016


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What an amazing trip!

The dynamic and diverse landscapes that I was able to see and photograph were truly beautiful. Colette, Ryan and I planned this trip about a year ago and had a pretty detailed plan on what we wanted to see and photograph. Slightly ambitious, we did manage to cover about 80% of our agenda. With around 22hrs of daylight, we survived on a few hours of sleep each night as we stuck to our agenda and hiked over 100km and travelled about 3500km total in our RAV4. Many times we ventured off the main road and found beautiful photo opportunities. We only covered Southern Iceland for a couple of days and another few days in Northern Iceland and we left wanting to explore more of the South on the next trip and also to visit the West. Unfinished business in Iceland and I hope to be back next summer.

All of my images from this trip can be viewed here.

Apr 162016

Fashion Art Toronto | Dress Codes | April 12-16, 2016

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Covered 3 days of |FAT| this year, held again at Daniels Spectrum in Toronto. Besides the first day which definitely had the feel of past |FAT| shows with regards to the designs and runway performances, the last two days definitely had a less alternative feel about them. Although there were amazing designers showcasing their designs, it felt like a regular fashion show. My thoughts anyway. Maybe all the shit happened on the two days that I missed. All good though and I enjoyed shooting runway again since it has been a couple of years. Also great to see the regulars in the pit and good to meet a few new photogs.

Click on the the designers to view all of my images from their runway shows.

Wallace Playford, Elizabeth Elwood, With Love Lingerie, Starkers Corsetry, Lococina, House of Etiquette, Henry Navarro, Pinkiebel, Amplify Apparel, Wolf N Crane, Neoteny Apparel, House of Poplyn, Odrea, Nuvango, Du Laree by Andy Jones, Iskon Mode, Happy Andrada, Fiona X. Sun, Lushyne, Oscar Mendoza, Sarah Splinter, Ryan Alexander and Marie Copps.

Feb 212016

Birds of Prey

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Awesome day shooting birds of prey at Canadian Raptor Conservancy. This was my first time shooting them and for the first couple of birds I definitely juggled my camera settings as they took flight. Seeing these birds at such close range was just spectacular. Observing the details and watching their graceful flying was a wonderful experience hence spending over three hours in a muddy field and zero degrees celsius. It was absolutely worth it. These are some of my faves.

All of my images from this day can be viewed here.

Feb 072016

Winter Ennui

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Soundtrack for the day included David Bowie’s brilliant album Blackstar.

Jan 022016

Happy New Year

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2015 was a great year.  Tons of great music, lots of travel, tons of golf, lots of scotch and a little bit of photography.  I definitely had a lot of things going on this year and unfortunately I didn’t shoot as often as I had wanted.  Besides several commercial product shots and a couple of concerts, I just didn’t have the time and/or the inspiration to shoot.  Hey, it happens.  But the beauty of photography is that you never really leave it or lose it. The passion, that is.  It comes and goes and sustaining it at a high level for a long period of time is not easy. I’m definitely excited for 2016 and thought I would get a head start by shooting at Edwards Gardens…again. This time I went with a fellow photographer friend, Ryan.  We had just bought some serious hiking jackets at MEC and we thought we would put them to the test. Here are a few from the day.

Here’s to 2016. Happy shooting.

Dec 242015

Top Ten Albums 2015 with Simone

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LouEPhoto Simone Dec blog

Another great year in new music (I know…I say this every year) and once again Simone and I wanted to share our favourite albums. Selecting our top ten in 2015 was a bit harder so we decided to grow the list to our top 20.  Here they are…

  1. Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell
  2. Villagers Darling Arithmetic
  3. Aero Flynn Aero Flynn
  4. Tobias Jesso Jr. Goon
  5. Seoul I Become A Shade
  6. Jose Gonzalez Vestiges & Claws
  7. Bob Moses Days Gone By
  8. Tame Impala Currents
  9. Lana Del Rey Honeymoon
  10. Beirut No No No
  11. Laura Marling Short Movie
  12. The Amazing Picture You
  13. Richard Hawley Hollow Meadows
  14. Kurt Vile B’lieve I’m Goin Down
  15. Maribou State Portraits
  16. Twin Danger Twin Danger
  17. Destroyer Poison Season
  18. Etiquette Reminisce
  19. Majical Cloudz Are You Alone?
  20. Half Moon Run Sun Leads Me On


Dec 142015

Edwards Gardens

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Dec 142015

The Three Sisters

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LouEPhoto EG 12 15 blog 6

It was a nice gloomy day in Toronto as I listened to Dave Gahan & Soulsavers album Angels & Ghosts and shot this. It fit the mood and brought to life these three sisters.

Nov 202015


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Here’s a couple of Simone lounging around the house as I continue to fiddle with my Fuji X100T. I love this camera!
Soundtrack for the afternoon included Lana Del Rey’s great new album, one of Simone’s favourites, Honeymoon.

Sep 112015

The Bean

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LouEPhoto blog the bean

Soundtrack for the day included George Fitzgerald’s album Fading Love.

Jul 302015

American Southwest Day 3

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Grand Canyon

Now that we had accomplished what we wanted to, photographically speaking, on the first two days, we decided to actually visit the Grand Canyon. Funny how we didn’t plan to shoot or visit the Grand Canyon until the first night of our trip. We took our time photographing from all the scenic views and stops like all of the other tourists. Pretty amazing views as Colette and I gasped and awed for a few hours, shooting all the while. We finally left the Grand Canyon early afternoon and headed to Las Vegas to spend a couple of days at the Bellagio for much needed rest and pampering before going back home.

All of my photographs can be viewed here.

Jul 292015

American Southwest Day 2

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Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon

This day started with the most amazing scene of the Horseshoe Bend. After help from our tour guide on the best spot to photograph, I spent the next 30 minutes lying on my stomach at the edge of the cliff snapping pics. I felt my hands shaking, I was so close to the edge. I was also in total awe, which made for an exhilarating 30 minutes of photography. Crazy!! From there it was off to the Lower Antelope Canyon which was a similar experience to shooting in the other canyons. There was more light in this canyon and with the sun rays beaming in it made for some photos with strong highlights. You had to really get creative because of the lighting and also because of the losers posing with their iPhones and selfie sticks. Really? Really. Sheesh. Also, because of the tight space and the number of tourists, I couldn’t stop myself from telling people to move out of the way. Anyway it was a great day (long and strenuous) and I struggled to make it back to the car due to the 100 degree weather and the crazy steps to get up and out of the canyon at the end (we did this canyon from end to front) and with the walk back to the parking lot. Another quick shower, beers, camera check and cleaning before a great sushi dinner.

Jul 282015

American Southwest Day 1

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Owl Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon & Mountain Sheep Canyon

Gear; Nikon D3s, Nikon D700, FujiX100T, 24-70 2.8, 24 2.8, 35 2.0 and Benro Mach 3 Carbon Fiber with Benro V3E Head

Wow, crazy tight spaces in all the canyons. There were times where I thought I was going to get stuck or not attempt to move forward because of the tight or challenging terrain. Each canyon had its own beauty and I took over 600 photos. I used mainly my D3s with my 50mm and some with my FujiX100T. I also used my tripod when it was possible to do so. The Upper Antelope Canyon was extremely busy with other photographers and tourists but you do the best that you can in these situations. For the other three canyons Colette and I were lucky to be the only ones there, just with our Navajo tour guide who was awesome. I was extremely exhausted by the end of the last canyon which wrapped up a long day that started at 5am. The drive back from the canyons to our hotel in Flagstaff was spectacular as we gazed at the amazing colours through the Painted Desert. It was hard to stop and shoot the beautiful landscapes along the Painted Desert but I’ll always remember those colours and all the ‘other worldly’ views. Back at the hotel it was a quick shower and a couple of beers, and then I spent a good amount of time that night cleaning all of the gear which was covered with dust and desert sand.

Jun 222015

Fuji X100T

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It has been a few years since I last bought a camera although I have bought numerous types of camera equipment. I have been satisfied with my ancient D700 and my aging D3s although I’ve always wanted a smaller, rangefinder type of camera to join the family. There just hasn’t been a camera in the last few years that has the whole package, consisting of size, build, price and specs. Until now…I recently bought the Fuji X100T and love this little camera for all those reasons just mentioned.

Here are my not so scientific opinions regarding the images I have shot thus far. Remember these are JPEGs compared with my D3s RAW files. The images from the X100T are a bit soft shooting at 2.0. At 2.8 it starts to get very sharp. The macro feature works well getting close to subjects but don’t shoot macro wide open. Focus is good, especially in good light. Great optical and electronic hybrid viewfinder. Both work well and I can definitely see a need for both. Cool features with manual focus as well with this hybrid viewfinder. Pixel peeping with JPEG resembles film like quality. I’m used to Nikon files that are tack sharp with smooth gradations. Fuji files are slightly muddy although I would never know unless I was zoomed in over 200%. Again this is shooting wide open at ISO’s between 800 to 2500 and again JPEG. Great high ISO and I think (a final verdict after editing a RAW file) I could use 6400. Can’t comment on the colour yet until I shoot a wider range of subjects and settings but come on, it’s a Fuji, you know the colours are going to be great. I just have to try the many film simulations available in camera. No comment yet on the flash but strange that it wouldn’t fire if the camera setting was on silent? Love the easy file transfer via wifi to my iPad and iPhone. Hello Snapseed…Excellent build quality and the buttons are laid out nicely and I’m able to shoot and change settings while keeping my eye in the viewfinder. I did find the camera a tad small and may get the added grip. I wasn’t a fan of the strap so I picked up a nice Gordy’s wrist strap. And for added bling and functionality I picked up a soft touch shutter button and thumb rest from Lensmate. Time to get out and shoot to further test the camera. Plus I’m getting tired of shooting Simone and she’s really tired of me shooting her. I will be going on a trip to the Grand Canyon at the end of July so I should have more to report. Stay tuned.

May 212015

Canadian Music Week

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My first show of CMW was Stu Larson at the Rivoli. Great stuff with a cool and chilled vibe. People were actually telling other people to shush so that they could get into the soft folky songs of Stu Larson and the best harmonica player ever, Natsuki Kurai. This before the crazy scene at the Horseshoe shooting FIDLAR, where I found myself in a tight wave of people pushing towards the stage in what then became the tightest mosh pit ever. Once the first chord of the first song was struck, I got crushed against the stage by the force of what felt like a thousand people. Almost immediately beer started to be thrown around and I knew I’d leave after the first song. Not worth my camera getting wrecked. Next thing I know a guy flies over the top of me towards the stage smashing my camera with his foot (I think?). Probably the hardest blow my camera has ever taken. Whilst being banged around ferociously, trying to capture some images, someone stepped on my shoe and as I got shoved, it fell off my foot. So no shoe, absolutely squished to the point of being crushed, and beer drenched, I decided I had enough. Now the hard part of trying to get out of the insanely tight mosh pit. No lie, it took at least one song (although it felt like an eternity) to muscle my way out from the front of the stage. My camera took some serious beatings on the way and I finally made it to the sidelines thinking ‘what the fuck?!’. With only one shoe left and no obligation to cover any other bands for the night, it was straight into a cab and home. After cleaning my camera for about an hour and checking to make sure nothing was wrong with it, I checked the images quickly and to no surprise found the majority of my FIDLAR shots out of focus. Surprisingly, considering I was only shooting for half a three minute song, I got the images needed. Oh yeah and the worst part, my iPhone got bent from the force of being crushed as it was in the front pocket of my jeans. Yup, the iPhone 6 Plus does bend.

Anyway, I missed several shows during the week but did cover one of my faves, The Franklin Electric at the Great Hall. Love those guys. Also shot Milk & Bone and K.I.D which were a couple of nice surprises as well and enjoyed their sets. At least I didn’t lose my shoes this time…

Thanks to Quip Magazine.

Visit Quip Magazine for the review of the shows here and here.

My images from the shows can be viewed here.

*Shot on May 2nd and May 8th*

May 182015

Edwards Gardens

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Soundtrack for today’s stroll included Aero Flynn’s self titled album.

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