Jun 292017

Edwards Gardens

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Jun 272017


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Apr 042017

Butterfly Conservatory

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Mar 112017

Birds of Prey Part 3

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It was so cold shooting these awesome birds of prey at the Raptor Conservancy that I actually missed a couple of birds because I had to go back inside to defrost my fingers. I think I got some keepers anyway.

All of my photos from this shoot can be seen here.

Oct 092016

Birds Of Prey Part 2

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Another great day shooting birds of prey at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy Inc.

All of my photos from the day can be seen here.

Jul 012016


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What an amazing trip!

The dynamic and diverse landscapes that I was able to see and photograph were truly beautiful. Colette, Ryan and I planned this trip about a year ago and had a pretty detailed plan on what we wanted to see and photograph. Slightly ambitious, we did manage to cover about 80% of our agenda. With around 22hrs of daylight, we survived on a few hours of sleep each night as we stuck to our agenda and hiked over 100km and travelled about 3500km total in our RAV4. Many times we ventured off the main road and found beautiful photo opportunities. We only covered Southern Iceland for a couple of days and another few days in Northern Iceland and we left wanting to explore more of the South on the next trip and also to visit the West. Unfinished business in Iceland and I hope to be back next summer.

All of my images from this trip can be viewed here.

Feb 212016

Birds of Prey

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Awesome day shooting birds of prey at Canadian Raptor Conservancy. This was my first time shooting them and for the first couple of birds I definitely juggled my camera settings as they took flight. Seeing these birds at such close range was just spectacular. Observing the details and watching their graceful flying was a wonderful experience hence spending over three hours in a muddy field and zero degrees celsius. It was absolutely worth it. These are some of my faves.

All of my images from this day can be viewed here.

Feb 072016

Winter Ennui

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Soundtrack for the day included David Bowie’s brilliant album Blackstar.

Jan 022016

Happy New Year

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2015 was a great year.  Tons of great music, lots of travel, tons of golf, lots of scotch and a little bit of photography.  I definitely had a lot of things going on this year and unfortunately I didn’t shoot as often as I had wanted.  Besides several commercial product shots and a couple of concerts, I just didn’t have the time and/or the inspiration to shoot.  Hey, it happens.  But the beauty of photography is that you never really leave it or lose it. The passion, that is.  It comes and goes and sustaining it at a high level for a long period of time is not easy. I’m definitely excited for 2016 and thought I would get a head start by shooting at Edwards Gardens…again. This time I went with a fellow photographer friend, Ryan.  We had just bought some serious hiking jackets at MEC and we thought we would put them to the test. Here are a few from the day.

Here’s to 2016. Happy shooting.

Dec 142015

Edwards Gardens

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Dec 142015

The Three Sisters

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LouEPhoto EG 12 15 blog 6

It was a nice gloomy day in Toronto as I listened to Dave Gahan & Soulsavers album Angels & Ghosts and shot this. It fit the mood and brought to life these three sisters.

Nov 202015


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Here’s a couple of Simone lounging around the house as I continue to fiddle with my Fuji X100T. I love this camera!
Soundtrack for the afternoon included Lana Del Rey’s great new album, one of Simone’s favourites, Honeymoon.

Sep 112015

The Bean

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LouEPhoto blog the bean

Soundtrack for the day included George Fitzgerald’s album Fading Love.

Jul 302015

American Southwest Day 3

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Grand Canyon

Now that we had accomplished what we wanted to, photographically speaking, on the first two days, we decided to actually visit the Grand Canyon. Funny how we didn’t plan to shoot or visit the Grand Canyon until the first night of our trip. We took our time photographing from all the scenic views and stops like all of the other tourists. Pretty amazing views as Colette and I gasped and awed for a few hours, shooting all the while. We finally left the Grand Canyon early afternoon and headed to Las Vegas to spend a couple of days at the Bellagio for much needed rest and pampering before going back home.

All of my photographs can be viewed here.

Jul 292015

American Southwest Day 2

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Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon

This day started with the most amazing scene of the Horseshoe Bend. After help from our tour guide on the best spot to photograph, I spent the next 30 minutes lying on my stomach at the edge of the cliff snapping pics. I felt my hands shaking, I was so close to the edge. I was also in total awe, which made for an exhilarating 30 minutes of photography. Crazy!! From there it was off to the Lower Antelope Canyon which was a similar experience to shooting in the other canyons. There was more light in this canyon and with the sun rays beaming in it made for some photos with strong highlights. You had to really get creative because of the lighting and also because of the losers posing with their iPhones and selfie sticks. Really? Really. Sheesh. Also, because of the tight space and the number of tourists, I couldn’t stop myself from telling people to move out of the way. Anyway it was a great day (long and strenuous) and I struggled to make it back to the car due to the 100 degree weather and the crazy steps to get up and out of the canyon at the end (we did this canyon from end to front) and with the walk back to the parking lot. Another quick shower, beers, camera check and cleaning before a great sushi dinner.

Jul 282015

American Southwest Day 1

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Owl Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon & Mountain Sheep Canyon

Gear; Nikon D3s, Nikon D700, FujiX100T, 24-70 2.8, 24 2.8, 35 2.0 and Benro Mach 3 Carbon Fiber with Benro V3E Head

Wow, crazy tight spaces in all the canyons. There were times where I thought I was going to get stuck or not attempt to move forward because of the tight or challenging terrain. Each canyon had its own beauty and I took over 600 photos. I used mainly my D3s with my 50mm and some with my FujiX100T. I also used my tripod when it was possible to do so. The Upper Antelope Canyon was extremely busy with other photographers and tourists but you do the best that you can in these situations. For the other three canyons Colette and I were lucky to be the only ones there, just with our Navajo tour guide who was awesome. I was extremely exhausted by the end of the last canyon which wrapped up a long day that started at 5am. The drive back from the canyons to our hotel in Flagstaff was spectacular as we gazed at the amazing colours through the Painted Desert. It was hard to stop and shoot the beautiful landscapes along the Painted Desert but I’ll always remember those colours and all the ‘other worldly’ views. Back at the hotel it was a quick shower and a couple of beers, and then I spent a good amount of time that night cleaning all of the gear which was covered with dust and desert sand.

May 182015

Edwards Gardens

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Soundtrack for today’s stroll included Aero Flynn’s self titled album.

Nov 232014

A Grey Day In November

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It warmed up to a balmy 8 degrees celsius today and that gave me just enough motivation to get out of the house with my camera. I visited Edwards Gardens, my usual place to relax and lose myself for a couple of hours and left with these photographs.

Soundtrack for the day included Damien Rice’s stellar new album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy.

Sep 252014

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

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One of the things to cross off in my bucket list of places to go was the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton NS. I have driven the Pacific Coast Highway in California (twice) and just love the spectacular views and overall driving adventure and I was curious to experience the Cabot Trail. I found some extra time and money since I wrote off my annual New York trip for several reasons and decided to spend four days in Cape Breton instead. I wasn’t sure what to pack gear wise as I wanted to travel light but I also wanted to make sure I had enough gear to cover whatever I would come across on my adventure. My initial thought was to bring two camera bodies, 70-200, 60 micro, 24-70, 35F2, 24 2.8, tripod, MacBook and after several hours I decided on one camera body, 24-70, tripod and my iPad. I also packed a minimal amount of clothes and felt good that I was able to travel so light. I usually pack way too much stuff. Temperature for the four days in Nova Scotia was in the mid teens with sun and some nice clouds which added some depth to my photos. The views from the Cabot Trail were absolutely stunning and I managed to stop at almost all the scenic spots to take it all in. There weren’t that many tourist at this time of year so it was great to not only take my time shooting but also to shoot efficiently. I did go off the Trail several times to experience some of the little towns and for photo ops. I also made it to Meat Cove which is the most eastern tip of Nova Scotia. I did notice as I was taking several iPhone photos at Meat Cove that I had no reception. I checked my other phone which has a different cell provider and it also had no reception. I must have been off the grid for several hours which made my slightly anxious. Crazy but I guess you don’t realize how much you depend on your phone especially for safety reasons. Anyway, I continued driving for three full days along the Cabot Trail staying at different inns and lodges in Beddeck, Ingonish and Cheticamp. It was great to experience these different towns and absorb a bit of the culture. I also enjoyed some fantastic seafood. On the last day of my trip I decided to make a visit to Peggy’s Cove. A little far from the Cabot Trail but somewhat on the way back to Halifax airport. Last time I went the weather was very foggy and overcast which made for some great photos. But with the weather being sun and cloud this time around I thought it would be nice to have a separate feel for Peggy’s Cove. Also, last time I was there it was at 6am when no one was around. I knew this time there would be many tourists ruining my images. But to my surprise parts of Peggy’s Cove were fairly tourist free which made for some great shots. After a few hours my feet had just about enough and I also needed to make it to Halifax airport with enough time to fill up and return the rental so I bade farewell not only to Peggy’s Cove but to the beautiful and peaceful Cabot Trail in Cape Breton.

All of images from this trip can be viewed here.  Also included in this gallery are images from my first visit last year to Peggy’s Cove.

May 222014

Montreal Botanical Garden

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Colette and I spent a few relaxing days in Montreal, with our cameras of course. We spent most of the time walking downtown and in old Montreal but we also visited the Montreal Botanical Garden and Insectarium. Crazy how large this botanical garden is and we spent the whole day fussing about with our macro lens capturing everything. Nothing like adding more flora to the already large selection in my creative portfolio. Here are a few of my favourites.

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