Dec 312009

Happy New Year!

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This is the first time in my life I actually worked on New Years Eve.  Definitely not hard work but as mentioned in a previous post, you need your social game to go with the usual photography.  I have to admit the crowd at Club V in Yorkville made it quite easy for me and I guess many had had a rough year because the partying that went down was something else.  For the most part all went well but on two occasions I almost got my flash knocked off my camera, I had several drinks spill on my camera, and I had several people grab my camera for attention to take a picture of them or to view the picture I had just taken.  I also had a hairy moment as several people grabbed my camera simultaneously to take a look at the group photo I had just taken and they almost formatted my CF card!  This was near the end of the evening as well.  I hardly ever let anyone touch my camera but I felt that if I didn’t show the images they would have grabbed it anyway.  Funny how alcohol works. 

Anyway it was all good and after a couple of hours I was on my way home listening to Steely Dan’s Gaucho album thinking about the year that was and how life moves way too fast!

Thanks to Lu, Andrew, and Michael from NvUSLIFE.

Dec 302009

Nikon 35mm f/2D

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Jonah was nice enough to let me test out my newest lens on him and several of his friends.  He was shocked that no flash was used even though he blinked every time the shutter went off.  Too cute!

On a technical note, this lens focuses quite fast and the images are very sharp from f/2.8 to f/8 in my initial testing.  The lens is also great value and I will definitely use it for my street photography for its size and speed.

Dec 212009

Fashion Shoot

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This photo shoot almost didn’t take place as the MUA, Wendy, was battling the stomach flu.  However she showed up like a true pro and made it happen.  Big thanks to her for her artistry and professionalism.

Speaking of a true pro, after 300 frames Caitlin, a model (and University student soon to study Law) from Toronto still had the energy and enthusiasm to keep shooting.  I was able to try several different types of lighting on this day and the combination that I thought worked the best was the set that includes the above shot.

Thanks again to Wendy and to Colette for suggesting this pose.

Dec 192009

Head Shot

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LEE_2238 copy blog

Well, I couldn’t get the 85mm 1.4 but I did have the new 50mm 1.4 to use for today’s casting head shot for my favourite subject.  I’ve had the lens for about six months and never shot at 1.4.  A little soft but probably the right amount of sharpness for this type of shot.  We had a practice run a couple of weeks ago so we knew what lighting equipment to use.  One strobe at 1/8th and a reflector (which Simone used as a landing pad from the sofa).

Dec 132009

Fashion Shoot

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LEE_1651 copy blog

Great day of shooting with the beautiful model Laura from Hamilton.  That suitcase not only had all of your clothes in it but your friend’s as well!!  For real!

Thanks to Wendy for the fantastic hair and make up and to Colette for the Starbucks americano and the sausage & egg sandwich.

Thanks also to Orange Model Management Inc.

Dec 132009

Fashion Shoot

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LEE_2068 copy blog

Love this dress and love this shot from the quiet and serene Serena from Burlington.  This was the last frame of the day and it worked in every way!

Thanks to Wendy for the awesome hair and make up and to Colette for striking a few poses of her own.

Added thanks to Orange Model Management Inc.

Dec 112009

Lot 332/Tryst/Frequency

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Another night documenting clubs in downtown Toronto.  I don’t know if it was the cold weather that made the clubbers a little more wild or maybe they just drank more to keep warm or maybe both.  Anyway there was a definite buzz going on this night and as soon as I took a picture someone else was tapping my shoulder asking to get their picture taken.  Sounds easy but it was a little chaotic.  I truly respect photograhers that can do this type of photography on a regular basis.  You definitely have to be “on” not only technically but socially as well.

Thanks to the gang at BarNet.

Dec 102009

Lusso’s Anniversary Fashion Show

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I was lucky enough to get a call last minute to shoot Lusso Magazine’s anniversary fashion show at a BMW Dealership in Ajax, Ontario.  It was a very successful event and the shots posted are from the runway that was made up in the middle of the dealership’s showroom in between a couple of new 2010 BMW’s.  Everything about this night was first class and I would like to thank the peeps at Lusso and of course Orange Model Management.

Dec 062009

Lazy Afternoon Portraiture

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LEE_1071 copy blog


Colette and I were having a lazy afternoon and although I had hundreds of photos to review and edit, we decided to unpack my gear and do some portraits.  Our loft has plenty of natural light throughout the day and I needed only one strobe for a slight fill.  This one was definitely our favourite from the day.  The best part about this picture was it’s naturalness and the minimal amount of editing as opposed to the usual editing that I do for my fashion shoots.

Dec 052009

Fashion Shoot

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LEE_0762 copy blog

Great day of shooting with the lovely and leggy model Misha from Hamilton.

Thanks to Meghan for the hair and make up and to Colette for the sugar rush.

Dec 042009


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Sometimes taking a job is not about the financial gain.  I decided to do a night of club/event shooting thanks to the gang at   Why?  Well believe it or not I’ve been out of the club scene in Toronto for quite some time.  I guess you can say I’ve found much better things to do on a Friday and Saturday evening.  Not that there’s anything wrong with clubbing or bar hopping, I’m just not into it anymore (nor can I take my booze like I use to).  I do like to be in the loop with the hottest clubs but I am more interested and fascinated by watching people in this atmosphere.  I love being a fly on the wall and taking pictures is kind of like that for me.  Yes I have to mingle with the crowd to get their picture but I’m pretty much in my own world.  Another reason is I have to admit I’ve been quite comfortable with my daily routines in life and doing this night of shooting definitely pulled me away from my comfort zone.  Not that I am not capable of getting the shot but because of today’s club crowd and the countless negative stories we hear about in the news.  I have to admit most people I interacted with on this night were absolutely friendly and respectable and there was only a couple of minor instances of excessive drinking and violence.  Not bad but again it was only one night. 

Here are a few pictures from the night.  Thanks to Mo and

Dec 012009

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Lobby Restaurant

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Crowded night at Lobby Restaurant in downtown Toronto as Stoli Gold presented a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  The stylish and sophisticated lounge bar was absolutely filled to capacity as models strutted down the bar courageously and thankfully without any incident.  I found myself jockeying for position with not only other photographers but also with the energized patrons as Vodka potions spilt onto the bar and floor.  Here are a few of the photos from the night.

Thanks to Usman and Angelique from Orange Model Management Inc.

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