Dec 042009


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Sometimes taking a job is not about the financial gain.  I decided to do a night of club/event shooting thanks to the gang at   Why?  Well believe it or not I’ve been out of the club scene in Toronto for quite some time.  I guess you can say I’ve found much better things to do on a Friday and Saturday evening.  Not that there’s anything wrong with clubbing or bar hopping, I’m just not into it anymore (nor can I take my booze like I use to).  I do like to be in the loop with the hottest clubs but I am more interested and fascinated by watching people in this atmosphere.  I love being a fly on the wall and taking pictures is kind of like that for me.  Yes I have to mingle with the crowd to get their picture but I’m pretty much in my own world.  Another reason is I have to admit I’ve been quite comfortable with my daily routines in life and doing this night of shooting definitely pulled me away from my comfort zone.  Not that I am not capable of getting the shot but because of today’s club crowd and the countless negative stories we hear about in the news.  I have to admit most people I interacted with on this night were absolutely friendly and respectable and there was only a couple of minor instances of excessive drinking and violence.  Not bad but again it was only one night. 

Here are a few pictures from the night.  Thanks to Mo and

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