Apr 262010

Lower East Side Street Shooting

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I decided to take a walk around the ‘hood for a little break from editing.  After a little bit of cd shopping and lunch at The Roy, I came across this character on Queen Street East.  Apparently he had just come from Vancouver and had missed his train for Montreal, so he was stuck in Toronto.  He was looking for the nearest beer store to collect some change from the empties he had collected in the bag.  Now take a close look at this guy.  He’s got an alarm clock dangling from his neck to go with the propane lantern.  Around his left arm, was a mini keg of beer which he was holding onto for dear life.  It was close to 20 degree celsius and he was wearing this coat and boots, not to mention a hard hat.  Best of all was his luggage which he was dragging along by the handle since the wheels had long since fallen off.  Yup, some great characters minutes from my loft.  God I love this neighbourhood.

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