Aug 142010

Simone will be the only one

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For a good ten months now, Colette and I have wanted another cat.  We felt that Simone needed a friend but also felt that at just over a year old, it might be too late as she has definitely made the loft her own.  Still, we love cats and every week we would drive ourselves crazy at Petsmart looking at all the kittens waiting to be adopted.  Well…we finally did it.  We found a cute DMH like Simone (actually looked exactly like Simone most notably her tail) and named him Auden. He was one year old and we thought he would make a perfect companion to our little princess.  WRONG!!!  Auden was a great, affectionate cat but unfortunately for Simone, he was very confident and wanted to be dominant in his new surroundings.  So for over 15 hours there were some unsettling territorial encounters which Colette and I could not take.  It broke our hearts to see Simone this way.  Not only did she not eat or sleep but she hissed and stayed in two spots for all the 15 hours.  One was on top the desk and the other as seen here on top the console by the window.  She didn’t even put up a fight to sleep in her beloved condo.  It pained me to see Auden on the condo sleeping and Simone staring with total disgust.  In the end we had to send Auden back. Simone as you can tell from my pictures and blog posts, is just the best pet and I cannot let her little world crumble before me.  Yes she might have gotten along with Auden over weeks, but Colette and I could not stand to go through with it.  At least we know now that we cannot have another cat. Hopefully Auden has a home by now which I’m sure he has.

This is a picture of Simone, exhausted and finally getting some much needed sleep just before we took Auden back.

Soundtrack for this sad morning was Peter Gabriel’s new album, Scratch My Back.

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