Aug 152010

Alternative Fashion with Sarah Biezunski

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Another great alternative fashion shoot at the studio.  This time with Sarah from ICON Model Management.  She nailed the look I was going for not only with her poses but also with her acting ability.  Acting?  Well she cried on command to help with the mood of the image. Got to admit that is the first time I made a model cry at the studio.

A couple of comments from my five favourites.

The first image (actually a triptych) is more of a fine art portrait than a fashion image but I like the way it turned out.  I like the dark shadows and the fact that her eyes are lost in these shadows.  The element of mystery and how I have to concentrate more on the expression of her body to determine the story is what makes these images for me.  By the way, the first image in the triptych creeps me out a bit with her hand behind her back.  It almost looks like someone else’s hand.

The last image is for the book I am working on.  I just love the mood of this image.

Obviously the best way to view these images is a large print as the details of the image and the depths of the blacks are not captured on computer screens.  Also add the fact that these particular images are very low resolution.  Regardless, hopefully you can see some of the details and the depth I am blabbing on about.

Thanks to Colette for her assistance yet again yet again.

Soundtrack for the day started with Pheonix’s album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and ended with Portishead’s Dummy.

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