Aug 292010

Leo at the Beach

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This summer probably has had more +30 degrees temp than I can remember and the late afternoons are a great time to just get out and absorb the warmth without being too uncomfortable.  Today was a great example and my friend Craig decided that he would take his son and a couple of his son’s friends to Ashbridges Bay Park.  He called me and got me out of my PGA Golf gazing and off I went with camera in hand.  Leo (pictured here) had just got out of the lake and was feeling a tad cold and since his dad, Craig, left the towels in the car (although he did run and get them) Leo thought he would warm up rolling in the sand.  I asked Leo to roll in front of me so I could take a picture and he obliged without hesitation.  This was a one shot!  I have taken several shots of Leo in the past and this one definitely is my favourite as he was very comfortable both in front of the camera and in his surroundings.  A natural and that makes for a great shot!

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