Oct 182010

LG Fashion Week Day 1

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First time covering LG Fashion Week in Toronto thanks in large to Joe at Riveting Riffs magazine.  I also had veteran runway shooter Raymond Chow to thank for giving me some great tips for shooting this event.  One of these tips being to purchase a Pelican case, which I did the first day of LG Fashion Week. I actually sat on the case all week in the same spot as shown above from an iPhone snap.  This two square foot space was the home away from home for the whole week.  I was able to get this spot on the first row of the floor in the pit about four photographers right of the runway.  Not a bad spot at all considering. I have shot several runway shows but obviously none of this calibre.  I was in complete listening mode regarding the other photographers’ discussions of equipment and past shows as I waited impatiently for the first runway show to begin.  Lens on hand was the new Nikon 70-200 2.8VR on my D700 and a D300 as a back up with a Sigma 24-70 2.8.  I wasn’t sure what kind of spot I would be getting but thought for sure that this combination would cover any eventuality.  After a few settings checked and double checked, the runway show started.  The photos you see and the stories you hear about the over crowded pit are absolutely true.  The sounds of all the shutters going off is amazing to hear but has the potential to be quite annoying.  After 20 minutes, the show was over and I quickly checked the back of my camera to see how the images turned out.  Satisfied with what I saw, I made a couple of mental notes for the next show and felt a great relief that my first runway show ever at LG Fashion Week was under my belt.

First runway show was Holt Renfrew Presents and can be viewed here

Second show of the evening was Bustle Rocks The Runway and can be viewed here

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