Oct 192010

LG Fashion Week Day 2

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The day started with my back a bit sore from the previous day.  The awkward sitting arrangement, the weight of my camera and my lack of exercise definitely all contributed to this slight soreness.  I did contemplate bringing my monopod to help lighten the load but decided against it last minute.  Excited for the day, this soreness quickly evaporated as I relaxed in the media lounge waiting for the runway shows to begin.  More talk with other photographers regarding past shows, designers, models, equipment and gigs but the hot discussion of the morning was the “Petite Marquee”.  Where was this runway suppose to be or how were they going to adapt the Marquee to make it petite.  Well believe it or not, the FDCC decided that for several smaller budget designers, they would shorten the runway by moving a rolling media pit type bleacher up a third of the runway.  This made for some scrambling among the photographers since everyone had to reestablish their position.  Luckily for me, I was there early and was able to get a spot just right of the runway at the bottom level of the bleacher. Anyway, after the first of what was suppose to be about ten shows for the week as a Petite Marquee, the FDCC decided against this set up and left all shows the full length of the runway thanks mainly to George Pimentel.

Above is an image from my favourite designer of the day, LOVAS.

First runway show was Jules Power and images can be viewed here

Second runway show was OR by Angela Chen and can be viewed here

Third runway show was LOVAS and can be viewed here

Fourth runway show was Pink Tartan and can be viewed here

Fifth runway show was Jessica Jensen and Alexander Berardi and can be viewed here

Sixth runway show was Line Knitwear and can be viewed here

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