Nov 212010

Cherry Beach Portrait with Colette

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Colette had the urge to have some portrait images done today and she couldn’t have picked a colder day of the year thus far.  To make it worse, she wanted to shoot at Cherry Beach which was super windy.  So of course I said yes.  Raptor game, tons of editing to do, cold a$$ weather, Santa Claus Parade, all couldn’t take me away from shooting.  Yes I need help.  So off we went and I shot about 150 images in twenty minutes absolutely freezing.  Totally loved the way they turned out though.  70-200 2.8 and one SB800 off camera on a stand that swayed with the wind.

Soundtrack just before the shoot and just after the shoot as we thawed was Yael Naim’s self titled album.

Nov 202010

Joy Couture’s Timeless London Jacket Collection

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Cold day shooting designer Joy Couture’s Timeless London Jacket Collection.  Both Ana and Lyndsey froze their butt’s off but still managed to look fantastic.  I shot these images at the University of Toronto (thanks Craig) and used minimal gear as I didn’t know how far I would have to walk or how much time we had to set up or even if we had to be on the move if told to get off the campus for no permits.  I also knew that with the cold weather I would have to set up fast as the energy level from the models would be short.  So one lens, and two flashes (SB600 and Sb800) off camera with an umbrella.

Thanks to Valini from VDH Make Up Artistry and Hairstyling.

Thanks also to Colette for her assistance as it was much needed on this day.

Nov 162010

Another fun day shooting some products for Michele’s Organics.  Great skincare products with scents that drive me wild and I just love the Vetiver Cream for Men.  Once again we went with simple set designs and a high key clinical lighting set up that works great with her products.  Visit for more information on Michele, her company and her products.

Music for the afternoon included Amos Lee’s self titled album, Last Day At The Lodge album, and Thievery Corporation’s album The Cosmic Game.

Nov 112010

Fashion Shoot with Anushka

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Great night shooting the lovely Anushka from Toronto.  It has been a while since I contributed some work to my latest fashion book and Anushka not only happily accepted the theme but actually said, “I was hoping you were going to ask that”, when I asked her if she minded smudging her mascara for the last set of frames.  Although I’ve yet to title this theme and more importantly the book, I’ve used the word ‘alternative’ to keep it simple.  For the model, I tell them to think sad and angry thoughts and that it’s more about nailing the emotion rather than the poses.  I also encourage awkward poses and in some instances I direct the model to dance, walk, basically act and move and I’ll just shoot when I see something I like or think would work for this theme.  Its great to have a model that is open to this and Anushka was fantastic.  For the lighting I keep it really simple.  One small softbox to light the model.  The more shadows the better.  Probably my post work is what keeps this theme consistent and moody.  I think I definitely got something on the last image above.

Thanks to Colette for her assistance and shoes.

Soundtrack by request from Anushka was Stevie Wonder’s The Definitive Collection.

Nov 072010

Edwards Gardens

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Another relaxing day at Edwards Gardens.  Although I come here to hopefully find some interesting things to shoot, I mainly come here to ease my mind and to free myself for a few hours from the regular hustle and bustle.  No directing, no negotiating, no calculating, no proposals, no contracts, no quotes, basically no communication.  Although I do have my iPhone with me, its on silent mode and buried deep in the camera bag.  I feel such great accomplishment after I leave Edwards Gardens even if I only get a couple of shots that I like (as it happened today) and I think this is because I can actually just leave work behind. Harder than you think.  I know people have different ways to escape and purge the everyday noise they must encounter but how many actually can truly feel that they succeeded in relaxing?  Anyway enough babble about that.  I also get some much needed exercise.

Music for the day included Neko Case’s album Furnace Room Lullaby .

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