Dec 172010

I just bought this lens and let me tell you it is one of the sharpest lenses I own or have used.  Hands down!  Even wide open it’s the sharpest of all my lenses at their best aperture.  Nothing scientific here, just purely pixel peeping and I still can’t believe how sharp this lens is.

For past clients’ product shots I have been using my Sigma 24-70 2.8 Macro (not a true macro).  I also used this lens for the majority of macro and still life shots in my portfolio.  Although I was happy with the results with some additional photoshop work, I also knew that one day I would get a dedicated macro lens.  I had some extra Amex Reward points and decided to use it for a Henry’s gift card.  Voila!

The minute I got home from purchasing this lens I shot everything around the house to test for sharpness and overall responsiveness of the focusing.  My poor Simone was the main subject of this day’s experiments and I don’t think she will ever look into a lens again.  I was extremely impressed with the focusing and could only blame my own hand movements for any shots that I missed although they were few and far between.  When shooting within a couple of centimetres with this macro lens and using a very shallow depth of field, absolute precision is required.  Anyway, until the next update with this lens here’s a close up image of Simone’s nose.

Soundtrack to today’s testing included Danger Mouse’s album Dark Night of The Soul.

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