Feb 272011

Fun day shooting Kelsey at the studio to add to both of our portfolios.  I’ve been shooting lots of alternative themes lately and it was refreshing to lighten it up with some fashion and beauty shots.  Kelsey definitely lightened up the shoot with those piercing bright blue eyes and these are the usual fav five from the shoot.  Hey Kelsey, good luck with Miss Teen Canada World Pageant this summer!

Tech note:  These shots were done using my usual four light set up.  Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox for main, Elinchrom Softbox for fill and two Opus Reflectors with 10 degree grids for hair and rim lights. Definitely time to go shopping for some strobes as my Opus units were getting a little temperamental. I think a couple more Elinchroms are in order.  Vistek here I come!

Thanks to Colette for her assistance yet again.

Soundtrack for the day was all of the three albums from Maroon 5.

Feb 192011

La Senza Fashion Event at Prive Yorkville

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Another Femme Fatale Media & Promotions fashion event at Prive Yorkville and tonight it was to showcase La Senza’s latest designs.  Usual mayhem shooting fashion events at a bar but thankfully there were only three photographers tonight.  Anyway, it was all good and you can see my complete images here.

Thanks to Emily from Femme Fatale Media & Promotions.

Hey Donald, “Beware of the tupperware”.

Feb 192011

Fashion Shoot at the Studio with Joanna

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Alternative fashion shoot with the beautiful Joanna from Anita Norris Models.  Experimenting in the studio once again with my ‘alone…delicate…mad’ book and Joanna did a fantastic job nailing the look I wanted.  I had set up my camera and lighting with the final black and white images in mind but I found myself also liking the colour series.  I also have a great shot with Joanna and a mannequin named Mona (don’t ask why/what it was doing at the studio) that we took at the end of the shoot just for kicks and I love how it turned out.  I’ll have to ask Joanna if it’s cool to show the image. Stay tuned for a future post.

Thanks to Valini from VDH MakeUp Artistry and Hairstyling.

Thanks also to Colette for her assistance especially for the nice wind machine effect with some matting paper.

Soundtrack for this fun afternoon was all of Jamiroquai’s albums!

Feb 052011

Dea Swimwear Fashion Event at Prive Yorkville

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Fun night shooting Dea Swimwear’s latest two piece designs at Prive Yorkville.  There really isn’t much room at this swanky lounge bar and the usual jockeying for position was the case (with patrons as well as photographers).  I found myself on my knees under a photographer who was working video as well as shooting stills.  Not a great position as you can see from these photos and you would think the models would have stopped a good three feet from the end of the runway carpet.  I was shooting with my 24-70 2.8 and was at 24mm for most of the shots just to give you an idea how close the models were.  Got some great shots regardless.  More selected images from the event can be seen here.

Thanks to Emily at Femme Fatale Media & Promotions.

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