Mar 282011

LG Fashion Week Day 1

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Many photographers, including myself, were upset that all media was not allowed into the Heritage Court building until one hour before the first runway show.  To make matters worse, the photographers who arrived very early and were lucky enough to enter the building and mark their spots in the pit and later leave the building, were surprised to hear that their taped spots had been removed and it was basically a free for all once they did open the doors.  It was also explained to us that our spots would not be marked for the week and everyday would be a free for all once the door opened an hour before the first show (except for specific media who would retain their spots).  WTF!!  Totally ridiculous!! Angry and cold we stood outside waiting for over 3 hours.  As nice a day as it was, it was still freezing and thankfully Steve had some special beverages to keep us warm.

All of the photographers were finally let in and you can just imagine the rush to get to the pit and find a decent spot.  I found a spot just right of centre on the second level of the bleachers.  Not a bad spot but I realized soon afterwards that most video cameras and George Pimentel’s spot (always centre of runway as official photographer) was left of the runway meaning the models were going to be walking up on the left of the runway at least for the first two shows.  We taped our spots most knowing that they would be removed by the evening and set up our equipment.  I said hello quickly to some familiar faces, complained like everyone else how ridiculous it was to wait outside, talked gear, and anxiously waited for the first show.

The first day only had two runway shows and one studio show and the images above are from the IZMA show.

All images from the Holt Renfrew show can be viewed here.

All images from the IZMA show can be viewed here.

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