Jul 212011

Testing Nikon 24mm 2.8D

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I was in the market for a wide angle prime lens and after some research I decided on the Nikon 24mm 2.8D.  I was looking for a wide angle lens primarily for commercial work but also to use as an everyday, walkaround lens that would not be obtrusive or taxing in weight for my street and event photography. The usual initial, non scientific testing starts at my house and my favourite subject is victimized once again (Simone actually looks a little pissed off in this photo…wonder why).  I shot this wide open (hence the vignetting, which I like and ever so slightly enhanced in LR) and had to shoot it twice as my feet were caught in the first shot.  I continued the day performing my usual tests and can sum up what most said about this lens.  Extremely sharp from f4 to f11 with decent edge sharpness. Great centre sharpness at 2.8 as well.  I like the size and it is quite smaller and lighter than the Sigma 12-24 lens that I used in the past.  Yes it’s not as wide but I found I rarely shot below 20mm with the Sigma.  Optically I can’t say yet if it is better than the Sigma at peak apertures but from initial testings and from specs, it should be. Now if I had a spare $2000.00 and had arms like popeye I would have got the Nikon 14-24 2.8.  Stay tuned for more shots with this lens.

Soundtrack to my testing was The Strugglers album You Win.

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