Sep 242011

Well it’s another season and once again I am the Official Photographer for the Clothing Show.  Excellent showcasing of new designers and some fantastic repeats from last time.  I missed Friday’s show since I had obligations out of the city that I couldn’t reschedule but I did shoot on Saturday and Sunday.  A couple of changes for the runway shows this season and I think they were for the better.  First was the lighting which was ten times better than last season.  The big spot lights were turned off and the runway was moved slightly to better accommodate the existing lighting in the building.  Definitely an improvement with the light consistency.  Next was the number of shows.  Instead of doing the usual three fashion shows twice in the day, it was changed to just one set of the three fashion shows for Saturday and Sunday.  This was requested by the designers and it definitely helped with building the crowds for the shows.  The only drawback for us photographers was the long wait between shows.  Anyway it was a nice change and I utilized the time between shows to network and meet new photographers.  Another significant change was that I requested to The Clothing Show that all photographers do not use flash in the pit.  The majority  of the photographers agreed with this before I asked and Clayton from the Clothing Show agreed to give it a go on the last runway show of the day on Saturday.  We also continued this “no flash” on Sunday for the 2nd and 3rd runway shows, with a few newbies in disbelief and angered by the announcement.  Thanks Clayton!!  Let’s see how it goes next season…

All runway images from September 24th can be viewed here.

All runway images from September 25th can be viewed here.

Designers included:

The Fairies Pyjamas, Melanie Dubuc, Bravomoda, Cecilia Pan, Diane Kroe, Ashaki Charles Designs, Dotty, Tetiana K Clothing, Espiritu Folk, Ariel Fu, Leave Nothing But Footprints, Carys Belle, Rosred Fashion Design, Palazotto Designs, C-Virtue, Yes World Boutique, Glyfada Dress Designs, Olio Studio, Naila’s Fashion and Plastik Wrap

Thanks to Clayton, Bonnie and Heather!

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