Jan 072012

I know you photographers know what I’m talking about when I say I have that itchy finger and I just need to get out and shoot. Well I definitely had that feeling this Saturday and after contemplating what to shoot, I unfortunately jumped back into bed with my iPad and logged on to Facebook and Twitter. Good thing I did since my friends at Spellbound Hair Design had posted a fashion event that they were sponsoring at Splendid China Mall in Toronto. The Dazzle Me Fashion Show was showcasing several designers and after some quick research I decided to check out the scene. There was no mention of media passes or accreditation so I knew I would have no problems, my last minute decision to attend not withstanding. For the same reason I also thought I would easily get a good spot. My photographer friend Ryan came along for the adventure and we arrived about ten minutes before the event was to begin. There was a designated media pit area and many people had media passes hanging from their necks. Doh! I wasn’t too worried about the passes (some did not have passes and we would not be standing in the pit) but I was definitely worried about getting a decent spot in front of the runway. There was no way to get a good angle due to the number of photographers and videographers so I snagged a couple of the fold up chairs that were for the spectators and Ryan and I placed ourselves just right of centre behind everyone in the pit. Just before the show was about to start a security guard sternly informed us that we could not stand on the chairs for safety reasons and would not leave until we were off the chairs. Now what?! I had already cursed myself fifty times for not bringing my Pelican case (travelling light not knowing what to expect) which would have solved this problem since standing on it would have given me the height needed to shoot over everyone in the pit. A videographer mentioned to me and Ryan that there was a small table that we could use and with no other options we placed the 3 foot in diameter table behind everyone and balanced ourselves ready for the fashion show to begin. From where I was standing there was no way I was going to get a full body shot but at least at the end of the runway, I had a clean 3/4 shot of the model. The two photographers that were directly in front of me didn’t have the best pit etiquette and I had to battle their elbows, lens movements and head movements caused by their constant chimping. I also had to battle my 70-200 VRll which needs to be fixed badly since I used it last at the studio. Not sure exactly what is wrong with it but let’s just say the VR and focusing is a tad erratic. Lastly, I also had to battle infinite flash bombing from many of the other photographers. Feeling sorry for me yet? Because I could go on.
Anyway, I was able to get some good shots and enjoyed many of the designs from Angela Phung, Leanne Ramnarine and Cecilia Pan. Overall a great day and most importantly I solved the problem of the itchy finger.

Thanks to Ryan for hanging out with a junkie who needed to get his fix. Hope you were able to get some clear shots from your spot.

All of the photos from this fashion event can be viewed here.

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