Apr 242012

FAT Arts & Fashion Week April 24-27

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It was my first time covering FAT Alternative Fashion Week in Toronto and besides a couple of minor irritations, all went well and I enjoyed many of the designs and some entertaining shows. 48 designers spread out over 4 days made for a long week since the shows did not start until 8pm every night excluding one night which started at 9pm due to the issue of having no electricity. Yikes. So yes the usual disruption to eating, sleeping, time with my girlfriend etc was in full force.

Upon arriving on the first day I was surprised by the small size of the the media pit riser. Somehow we managed to cram on the riser like a circus act and I sat on my Pelican case left of the pit on the front edge. I thought I balanced myself quite well. However, I did eventually fall off (thankfully not during a show) and was saved by Melonie who had a spot just in front of me. Thank you once again Melonie. Somehow, with the foam pad that Alan Flores had lent me, my arse just sort of slipped right off. Anyway, I didn’t use the foam for the rest of the night and stood up for the rest of the week. Partly because I was afraid of falling off again but also because there was a bit of movement in the pit due to the presence of a couple of new photographers on the second day. Standing was the best option in order to save space and be more accommodating to other photographer’s positions. It also gave me an opportunity to shoot with two cameras on the third and fourth days. I had my back up D700 with my 35mm F2 around my neck and took many shots for a wide perspective. Overall the lighting was ok but the first day definitely had some inconsistent lighting on the runway. I stuck with ISO 1600 all week.

There some interesting installation exhibits and photography exhibits displayed to keep some of us interested between shows but not enough to keep me amused all week. There were, however, some very interesting short, arty fashion films before the runway shows that I would like to view again at the luxury of my own home. Hard to really appreciate the short films while standing cramped in the pit waiting for the runway show to begin.

Irritations? $7 beers and line ups for the washrooms. I also thought there were going to be live bands playing between the shows as some photographers had mentioned to me had happened at previous FAT shows. So I was a little disappointed that there were no live band performances.

Overall a good week that I enjoyed shooting and would love to cover the event again next year. Once again it was also great to see the usual gang in the pit.

Designers from Day 1 – LANDscapes can be viewed here.

Cosmic Green by Karey Shinn, B.E. Shields, Jade Sullivan-Vallentyne, Pat McDonagh Couture & The Consortium: Maria Manceva, Dolly Sophie, Patricia Kowalski, Albert Yeun, Mitra, Belinda Visag, Armour by Seema, Angela Sum, Asphyxia, Little. White. Dress., Chicedge Fashion Studio, Mackenzie Jones featuring Danielle Cameron.

Designers from Day 2 – CITYscapes can be viewed here.

Rachel Sin, DeMoyo, Wani by Saki Philip, Parade, Esther Perbandt, B.E. Shields, Victory & Vice, Raji Aujla, Woudenberg, Dilly Daisy, Monikova, Inna, Phoenix Vintage.

Designers from Day 3 – BODYscapes can be viewed here.

Body Part Clothing Company, Sylvia Cohen, Zent, Worth by David C Wigley, Briar Rose, House of Etiquette, Cinched Tight Corsets, Dianna Dinoble Starkers Corsetry, Jade Kinrade, Pope Joans, Pact Fashion, Sakhuja.

Designers from Day 4 – FUTUREscapes can be viewed here.

WallacePlayford, Hypoxia by Pippa Latex, Haphazard, Artifice Clothing, Pedram Karimi, Human Nature by Kallvis Gents, Brankopopovic, Von Bardonitz, Syuzanna Slastion, Garde Del Avante, Dystropolis by Wendy Ng, Happy V. Andrada

Apr 152012

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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It’s been a while since I walked around Mount Pleasant Cemetery and I hate to admit it but I kind of missed this place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not morbid, I just find it very peaceful. Here are a few keepers I made while listening to Mark Lanegan’s great new ablum Blues Funeral. Again, I’m not morbid.

Apr 092012

Inna Clothing Company Fall Winter Lookbook

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Another fantastic day shooting the latest collection from Inna Clothing Company. I love being surprised at the studio when Kirill and Inna bring their designs. Today was no different as black, red and orange were the dominant colours with some touches of leather to go with their patented chic retro dresses. Danielle from Elmer Olsen Model Management looked stunning in these dresses and was an absolute pro to work with. There were many pieces and these were my favourites. BTW, most of these will be showing in a few weeks at F.A.T. so make sure you come and check out these brilliant designs on the runway!

Thanks to Lindsay Angela Martin for the splendid job of hair and make up.

Thanks to Colette for her assistance.

Special thanks to Kirill and Inna.

Soundtrack for the day started with Phoenix’ album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and continued for the rest of the afternoon with Kirill’s mix that included Deadmau5.

Apr 072012

Edwards Gardens

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Finally some colour on my stroll at Edwards Gardens. It was a quick visit but I got a few shots to add to my portfolio. Sharon Van Etten’s latest album Tramp made for a beautiful soundtrack.

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