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World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W 2013 Collections

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Unfortunately I missed the first 3 days and missed my favourites Pink Tartan, David Dixon and the usual great presentation from the Korhani show. Regardless the last two days had some of my other favourites which included Pavoni, Rudsak, Vawk and I was also impressed by the Stephen Caras show. Many photographers decided to shoot or were obligated to shoot Lucian Matis’ show which was offsite and at the same time slot as the Stephen Caras show (7pm). I didn’t want to scramble back and forth and chance missing the Pavoni show at 8pm so although I love Lucian Matis, I was happy with my decision to stay put. Fantastic designs! Although this seasons WMCFW was held again at David Pecaut Square, the layout inside the tent was slightly different. Both the main runway and the studio runway were shorter in length than last season. Also the media lounge was more of a section between the runways and had a small upper level. What made it worse was that there was no sponsor for the media lounge this year which meant we had to pay for everything (except water, although the bar handed out one at a time per person). A lot different from last season where food and booze were gratis all week.

This season my spot in the pit was floor level, just right of centre (many endless thanks to Ron and Raymond from CanadaWears). I’ve never sat on the floor cross legged in the pit before and even though the runway shows were only 15 minutes in length (average) I found my legs cramping and falling asleep while shooting. Very uncomfortable. During one show I actually had to stop shooting and straighten my leg for relief. It made me realize that not only am I not as fit as I perhaps could be but I don’t use certain muscles (lower back, butt, upper thigh) as much as others. I woke up Friday with soreness in those areas and although this made Friday uncomfortable as well, I pushed through regardless. All respect to Raymond from CanadaWears for not only shooting in this position all week but juggling 2 cameras and a GoPro during the shows. I do think that it is the best perspective for full length shots of the model but too low for the end of the runway posed shots. Anyway, I survived the two days and got the shots needed.

Great to see and shoot with the usual suspects in the pit.

Thank you to Elucid Magazine.

Special thanks to Ron and Raymond from CanadaWears.


Enjoy the images.

Matthew Gallagher


Soia & Kyo



The Heart Truth Runway Show


Travis Taddeo

Thomas Balint

Caitlin Power

Stephen Caras



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