Sep 102011

Great day covering the Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week’s main runway event at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Fantastic colour and designs from House of Versatile Styles, Jimmy Lee, Zita Pop, Solome Katongole and Lawrence Pizzi. There were also some exceptional styles from a collection of upcoming designers during the “Uncapped” A Vitamin Water Runway Presentation. This was my first time shooting at Buffalo Fashion Week and all I can say is this venue was first class and well organized. I also counted over a thousand seats surrounding the runway, and when the show started there was not an empty seat in the house. Just a great set up and a fantastic turn out for this event. Regarding shooting, I was able to get a space pretty much front and centre although I realized after the first break that at my spot I definitely had some lighting challenges, specifically the models’ eyes being in shadows. The runway was well lit and after the first designer I was able to find the sweet spots to get the best possible exposure. All of the photographers and videographers that were there were very cool and receptive and the overall vibe in the pit was chilled. I’m not really used to that at runway shows but kudos to the local Buffalo media that gave a warm welcome and for creating a friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to Ryan, an awesome Toronto photographer for making the trip with me on this day.

Special thanks to Lauren Byrd from RPM Entertainment Productions.

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