Mar 122012

Great week covering World MasterCard FashionWeek in Toronto at David Pecaut Square. I missed last season so it was exciting to be back. Once again I reconnected with many of the runway photographers from past shows and met many more new fantastic and talented photographers. Although I was not obligated by my client/agency to do so, I made a personal commitment to shoot all runway shows, main runway or studio. Yes it was a long week but I loved it and actually I was a lot more relaxed and less tired than previous seasons. 31 shows spread over 5 days and I felt like I could have done another week. Maybe it was the free beer tickets they were handing out everyday which I and a few other guilty photographers took advantage of…everyday.

A few notables at this fashion week. First off there was a record number of knucklehead spectators that crossed in front of the media pit, mid show. WTF!!! Also, a model who was in obvious discomfort in her heels walking down the runway decided to take her shoes off and left them right in the middle of the runway. WTF!!! Also I saw a record number of spectators with more than just point and shoots who flash bombed many of my images. I also noticed many iPad shooters in the crowds as well.  Also, the number of photographers was definitely less than previous seasons (tightening of media accreditations?) and the media pit was definitely narrower than last time. Lastly, washrooms?!

Anyway the week had started with a bit of a hiccup as I received an industry pass as opposed to a media pass. After some clarification I was in and claimed my spot for the week, just left of the runway beside the house videographers. I was happy with my spot although I could have used a bit more reach (used my Nikon 70-200 2.8VRll). The first day had only 3 shows in the evening and the highlight for me on the first day were the luxurious designs from Pavoni.

Day 2 was the longest day of the week with 3 studio shows and 5 main runway shows. My spot in the studio was floor level just right of centre beside George Pimentel. Yes my “idol” George. For those of you that follow me and read my blog, you will know this is the truth.

I like the intimacy of the runway in the studio but the narrow runway made for some dangling feet from crossed legs on the edges of my photos. Annoying. For the main runway shows, I found myself alternating between standing up with a monopod, standing up with no monopod or sitting on my Pelican with my monopod. Definitely got more consistent shots sitting down but standing up I was able to move an additional 10 inches closer to centre. Anyway, got the shots I needed and captured fantastic repeat designers from previous seasons on this night, my favourite being Lucian Matis.

Day 3 was another long day incorporating 2 studio shows and 5 main runway shows. Thanks to Raymond Chow for lending me a CF card as I decided at the beginning of the week to shoot raw for all of the shows although I’ve always shot jpeg at fashion week due to the sheer number of images and speed of processing. With that you lose a bit of depth and colour so this time I decided to shoot raw. Anyway, it was the usual packed house for Joe Fresh but my favourite designer of the day was Cara Cheung with her edgy and glamourous designs.

Day 4 continued with 4 studio shows and 3 main runway shows. The biggest excitement on this day was George Pimentel’s new Nikon D4 unboxed. Yes, I had to touch the beast (not George) and snap a couple of shots. Awesome!! George kept saying in amazement after viewing the images on the back of his new camera, “Photography is over”. This day also had my favourite designers David Dixon and Pink Tartan. Neither disappointed but many thought the lighting for Pink Tartan was too dark. I kept it real leaving the lighting “as was” in post while many photographers brightened their images with mixed results.

Day 5 had 3 studio shows and 3 main runway shows with Arthur Mendonca being my favourite designer of the day.

With that, another fantastic week at the now World MasterCard FashionWeek was done. Many of us photographers had a few drinks after the last show and talked about the long week, upcoming fashion shows and the possibility of seeing each other again next season. Until next season enjoy the images from all of the shows.

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Holt Renfrew Presents


Adrian Wu

Laura Siegel

Sid Neigum

Chloe Comme Parris

Martin Lim

Soia & Kyo


Matis by Lucian Matis

Eva Chen


Cara Cheung



Melissa Nepton

Joe Fresh



Caitlin Power


Ezra Constantine

Pink Tartan

David Dixon

Saniya Khan

Arthur Mendonca

Travis Taddeo

Joeffer Caoc

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