Dec 312009

This is the first time in my life I actually worked on New Years Eve.  Definitely not hard work but as mentioned in a previous post, you need your social game to go with the usual photography.  I have to admit the crowd at Club V in Yorkville made it quite easy for me and I guess many had had a rough year because the partying that went down was something else.  For the most part all went well but on two occasions I almost got my flash knocked off my camera, I had several drinks spill on my camera, and I had several people grab my camera for attention to take a picture of them or to view the picture I had just taken.  I also had a hairy moment as several people grabbed my camera simultaneously to take a look at the group photo I had just taken and they almost formatted my CF card!  This was near the end of the evening as well.  I hardly ever let anyone touch my camera but I felt that if I didn’t show the images they would have grabbed it anyway.  Funny how alcohol works. 

Anyway it was all good and after a couple of hours I was on my way home listening to Steely Dan’s Gaucho album thinking about the year that was and how life moves way too fast!

Thanks to Lu, Andrew, and Michael from NvUSLIFE.

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