Oct 202012

Here is one of my favourite shots from my last visit to New York. Colette and I usually do one touristy thing every time we go to New York. Well this time it was the Empire State Building. Oddly, neither of us had ever been in it and it was the perfect night to view the great city from the top of this landmark (we got some great shots of the city scene). On our way down I had a quick chat with the elevator man about the antiquity of the elevator controls/buttons and in a typical NY way he talked about them with great enthusiasm and fascination. His own antiquity made me laugh a little as he spoke and I knew I had to get a photograph of this character and I didn’t have much time to accomplish this. I interrupted his storytelling with “You know who you look like? Elvis Costello”. He stopped mid sentence and looked away flattered…I think, and then smiled proudly with a bit of attitude and said,

“Yeah I get that but you know who I really look like? Robert DeNiro”.

I already had my camera up ready to shoot as I asked if I could photograph him not waiting for his response.

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