Oct 292012

Another long week covering World MasterCard Fashion Week. Although the schedule was slightly lighter than usual (26 shows total) the days and nights definitely blurred together as WMCFW seriously takes over your life for the week. My spot for the main runway show was top row and right of centre (facing runway). Not too bad but a little high for my liking. As usual you take what you can get as media was not allowed in until one hour before the first show which made for a mad dash of about 60 photographers. However my spot in the studio runway was good as I was at the height I wanted and just slightly left of centre. Anyway, once settled it was all good. The media sponsor, Target, kept us photographers from going hungry with supplying sandwiches and an open bar all week. Yup, an open bar. Could have been dangerous but most kept themselves in check except of the last day, myself included. In fact, it being the first WMCFW under IMG, it definitely seemed like the production of the whole event was up a couple of notches from previous seasons. The shows were almost always on time and ran very smoothly. Nice and thank you for a great job to IMG, their sponsors and support staff.

Regarding the runway shows, once again I was wowed by Pavoni’s show. Other favourites from the week included Arthur Mendonca, Lucian Matis, Triarchy and Korhani.

As usual it was great to see the regular photographers and to meet new ones. Some really great people out there willing to share their experience and knowledge.

Anyway, got the shots needed and until next season, enjoy the images!!

Holt Renfrew

Pink Tartan


Adrian Wu


Ashtiani by Golnaz Ashtiani

Evan Biddell

Mercedes-Benz Start Up National Final

Melissa Nepton


Matis by Lucian Matis

Whitney Linen

Lucian Matis

Korhani Home


Joe Fresh


Rachel Sin

Soia & Kyo

Arthur Mendonca

Paraezo Couture

Travis Taddeo



Vawkkin | Vawk


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