Jan 202013

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Feeling restless and the need to leave the loft for a few hours, Colette and I decided to go for a drive. I remembered weeks back driving through Orangeville and seeing an abandoned house that I thought was interesting enough to photograph. I did not have time that day to photograph it but today it gave us a destination and purpose. However, it probably wasn’t the best day to shoot since it was a cold -8 degree celsius with 70km wind gusts and snow squalls. Also, my foot was acting up again and I was barely able to put on my shoe without some pain and discomfort. Anyway, with a few tylenols and the need to get a fix, we grabbed our gear determined to get at least one shot.

We arrived at the abandoned house and parked the car off to the side of the highway. Quite dangerous actually and we knew we wouldn’t have much time. After about 10 minutes of photographing the abandoned house with different perspectives, I remembered to use my iPhone (read previous blog post) before limping back into the car, frozen.

The top image is from the iPhone. It was both edited and processed through a couple of filters in the iPhone (hence the slight pixelated look) while the bottom image was shot with my D700. Which do you prefer?

Soundtrack for the drive included Lambchop’s albums OH (ohio), Nixon, Is A Woman and What Another Man Spills.


3 Responses to “Which do you prefer?”

  1. You are right about the hot spot. Maybe I should have waited until the sun went completely behind the clouds but it was too damn cold! Thanks for the comment Miki.

  2. Milan says:

    I prefer the top image which I think was the iPhone. The bottom image I find the white hot spot distracting
    And my eye keeps going there..I also like the foreground in the iPhone image.


  3. Colette says:

    They both have their own charm…but I think I like the DSLR better….I like to kick it old school….;) Cx

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