Apr 172013

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Great pieces from Hilary MacMillan, a Canadian fashion designer from Toronto. She showcased her Fall/Winter collection at the Glass House | 99 Sudbury Street for her first runway presentation.

All of my images from the runway show can be viewed here.

Thanks to Magnet Creative.

Tech note: The lighting at this venue was basically non existent except for one spotlight early on on the runway. Although I concentrated on getting the one shot as the model walked into the spotlight, I did take several shots just before and after for the full length images. After viewing the images in Lightroom I decided not to use the images that were in the spotlight due to the contrasty, uneven light with heavy shadows. Although I probably could have evened out the lighting in Photoshop, I decided to do the usual speedy workflow/processing in Lightroom with some very dark images that came out pretty well…considering. I had my camera settings set for the exposure in the the spotlight – ISO4000, 2.8, 1/320 which was easily 4 to 5 stops too dark for the rest of the images outside of the spotlight.

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