Feb 252010

Great day shooting the uber talented actor of many faces, Mackenzie Gray at the Factory Theatre in Toronto.  Mackenzie has not only peformed in film, television, theatre, musicals and cabarets but writes, directs and produces as well.  His look for today’s shoot was the character of The Carnival Barker from the rock opera The Black Rider (written by Tom Waits, William S. Burrows and Robert Wilson).  Mackenzie brought creative energy to every frame and these are my five favourites.

Great thanks to Colette for coordinating the shoot and taking some great shots of her own.

Special thanks to Ken Gass from the Factory Theatre for letting us shoot on the main stage of this wonderful theatre.

Music note: Although there was no music during the shoot, I had Tom Waits playing in my head.

Tech note:  This is definitely one of those days where I could have used more strobes.  I brought four with me today since we didn’t want to make a huge production at the theatre (“oh it will be only a soft box and a stand,” Colette said to Ken) and we only had about two and half hours total to shoot including set up and take down.  I had the Elinchrom beauty dish for the main light, 7″ reflector with 10 degree grid as a rim light, and two strobes without any reflector facing the seats of the theatre.  For the one close up shot, I used the 7″ reflector with the 10 degree grid as a main and the beauty dish as a fill.

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