Sep 022013

Covered Riot Fest in Toronto at Fort York for Quip Magazine. There were lots of bands for this two day festival and the one I looked forward to shooting the most was Dinosaur Jr. They definitely didn’t disappoint but holy crap were they ever loud! Biggest hype was Iggy And The Stooges and although they performed an awesome set, I was caught in some politics with regards to media. Due to the extra large amount of media we were separated into two groups for Iggy And The Stooges show and The Replacements show. The group I was in for Iggy didn’t make it into the pit. In fact we were stuck at a bad angel left of stage in an aisle that was only three feet wide within the crowd. Thank goodness I had my 70-200 since all of my shots of Iggy had to be captured with my camera held high above the patrons at 200mm. I left the focus point in the middle and aimed my camera as best I could. Man, was I pissed! Talk about a complete f*ck up. For The Replacements, I was with the other group which was in the pit, right of stage. We weren’t allowed to move from this spot and ended up behind some taller photographers with a crap angle. Anyway, apart from those two annoyances, it was a great festival with some awesome bands! And hey, I finally shot a festival this year where it didn’t rain.

Thanks to Quip Magazine.

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Images of Every Time I Die can be viewed here.

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Images of Rocket From The Crypt can be viewed here.

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Images of Iggy And The Stooges can be viewed here.

Images of The Replacements can be viewed here.

*shot on August 24th and 25th*

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