Feb 282010


Fun afternoon portrait of Mo in the studio.  Although you can’t tell from this photo, there was lots of laughter going on as I told Mo I wanted to capture  his serious bad ass look, or his serious contemplative look or his serious melancholy look.  I thnk we got it on several photos.  Also, I don’t think I’ve ever done portraits of a guy who brought more clothes than any female fashion model that I have shot.  I mean seriously, he brought his whole closet in a boat of a suitcase.  Although we only went through several outfits, we got some great shots and this one was my favourite.

Thanks to Colette for her assistance and for capturing some great shots as well.  Thanks also for an energy boosting body rub during the shoot.  Don’t ask…

Thanks also to Marla, the one woman peanut gallery for keeping the shoot real.

Soundtrack was Frank Sinatra’s Only the Lonely album.  Got to love ol’ blue eyes.

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