Sep 162014

Covered Riot Fest for Quip Magazine at Downsview Park. Last time I was there (Edgefest 2013) I got absolutely soaked from one of the heaviest rainfalls of the season. This year there was no rain but it did rain heavily the day before which left many parts of Downsview Park in total mud. After the first 15 minutes, having accepted that you were going to be grotesquely filthy with ruined shoes, it wasn’t so bad. At least my gear didn’t get filthy. It did get ridiculously cold though into the evening but the beers and the tight photo pits kept me warm. Speaking of photo pits, this year it seemed like they were larger…or maybe there were less media (still too much). Anyway I seemed to have more freedom shooting the bands. Best show for me on the first day was Rise Against and The Flaming Lips. I’ve shot Rise Against a few times and just love the energy of these guys. Plus I love the crowd surfing. The Flaming Lips had one hell of a light show but it was the outrageous costumes and stage set that really made you feel like you were some kind of psychedelic acid trip. Great way to end the evening.

Images from Taking Back Sunday can be viewed here.

Images from Awolnation can be viewed here.

Images from Broncho can be viewed here.

Images from Rise Against can be viewed here.

Images from Death From Above 1979 can be viewed here.

Images from The Flaming Lips can be viewed here.

*shot on September 6, 2013*

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