Sep 252014

One of the things to cross off in my bucket list of places to go was the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton NS. I have driven the Pacific Coast Highway in California (twice) and just love the spectacular views and overall driving adventure and I was curious to experience the Cabot Trail. I found some extra time and money since I wrote off my annual New York trip for several reasons and decided to spend four days in Cape Breton instead. I wasn’t sure what to pack gear wise as I wanted to travel light but I also wanted to make sure I had enough gear to cover whatever I would come across on my adventure. My initial thought was to bring two camera bodies, 70-200, 60 micro, 24-70, 35F2, 24 2.8, tripod, MacBook and after several hours I decided on one camera body, 24-70, tripod and my iPad. I also packed a minimal amount of clothes and felt good that I was able to travel so light. I usually pack way too much stuff. Temperature for the four days in Nova Scotia was in the mid teens with sun and some nice clouds which added some depth to my photos. The views from the Cabot Trail were absolutely stunning and I managed to stop at almost all the scenic spots to take it all in. There weren’t that many tourist at this time of year so it was great to not only take my time shooting but also to shoot efficiently. I did go off the Trail several times to experience some of the little towns and for photo ops. I also made it to Meat Cove which is the most eastern tip of Nova Scotia. I did notice as I was taking several iPhone photos at Meat Cove that I had no reception. I checked my other phone which has a different cell provider and it also had no reception. I must have been off the grid for several hours which made my slightly anxious. Crazy but I guess you don’t realize how much you depend on your phone especially for safety reasons. Anyway, I continued driving for three full days along the Cabot Trail staying at different inns and lodges in Beddeck, Ingonish and Cheticamp. It was great to experience these different towns and absorb a bit of the culture. I also enjoyed some fantastic seafood. On the last day of my trip I decided to make a visit to Peggy’s Cove. A little far from the Cabot Trail but somewhat on the way back to Halifax airport. Last time I went the weather was very foggy and overcast which made for some great photos. But with the weather being sun and cloud this time around I thought it would be nice to have a separate feel for Peggy’s Cove. Also, last time I was there it was at 6am when no one was around. I knew this time there would be many tourists ruining my images. But to my surprise parts of Peggy’s Cove were fairly tourist free which made for some great shots. After a few hours my feet had just about enough and I also needed to make it to Halifax airport with enough time to fill up and return the rental so I bade farewell not only to Peggy’s Cove but to the beautiful and peaceful Cabot Trail in Cape Breton.

All of images from this trip can be viewed here.  Also included in this gallery are images from my first visit last year to Peggy’s Cove.

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