May 272010

Last minute decision to take a day trip out to Niagara Falls on an awesome sunny and hot day.  There really wasn’t much to shoot at although it was probably me since the last few days I haven’t been too inspired to shoot.  I’m curious to know how you other photographers get out of a funk.  I have been reading a Diane Arbus biography for some inspiration but so far I am finding the book more depressing then anything else.  I’m also getting myself in a lens lust funk where all I can think about is purchasing some new equipment.  Anyway, it was a great day just to get out of the city and I ended up in the Butterfly Conservatory at The Falls and spent a sweaty 45 minutes snapping up some exotic butterflies.  I didn’t have the appropriate lens with me but I guess the important thing was to just shoot.

Soundtrack was Damien Rice’s album 9.

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