Jun 192010

Great afternoon photographing Joseph Langton, a model/musician from Toronto, to add to my alternative fashion book (get used to me saying alternative fashion book until I have a name for the project.  I am open to suggestions on the name).  Joseph is probably one of the coolest, most down to earth guys you could meet although these images would fool you.  It didn’t take Joseph long into the session to get into character and there were so many awesome shots to choose from.  As usual, these are my favourite five.

Soundtrack for the shoot was Rage Against The Machine’s self titled album and The Battle of Los Angeles album.  Man those albums kick a$$!!!


2 Responses to “Alternative Fashion with Joseph Langton”

  1. marsbars says:

    I think as I look at some of these photos (alternative fashion) they almost remind me of a gothic theme. It’s just a suggestion…can we use the words modern gothic together?? It’s kind of opposites.

  2. janet marriott says:

    some really great stuff here Lou!
    looking forward to seeing lots more.
    keep up the good work.

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