Sep 252010

Last time I did the photo booth beside the runway, I used the Elinchrom Beauty Dish as a sole strobe with a blue/white canvas background.  This time I used the Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox Deep Octa and two Opus strobes with umbrellas for some side/rim light.  The backdrop was a 9 foot seamless paper.  I had to travel light and thought this combination would work best for what was needed and for convenience.  Okay, maybe the paper wasn’t convenient but it worked quite well and I did fit it into the Malibu.  There was some slight spill from the ambient and other fluorescent lights but overall this set up worked quite well. It was quite an organized mayhem during the runway show.  The models would have their picture taken just before they went on the runway by another photographer with a strobe setup backstage.  As the models finished the runway they would come to where I was and pose for two shots before running backstage to change and do it all again.  Incredible that everything went without a hitch.  Thanks to Heather for that!

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