Oct 202010

I had to actually take a couple of tylenols today to ease the back pain.  Again I thought about the monopod but did not take it.  Although the excitement made the day easier I actually felt today that it was work more than anything to shoot the shows.  The lighting was the same throughout the week so once the camera settings were in place it was just timing the model’s feet to get the shot.  I struggled with my right thumb moving the focus points as the button on the battery grip is too stiff for my liking and my thumb is not used to moving the focus points on the fly so quickly.  I also accidently hit the manual focus on the 70-200 on two occasions and missed a couple of shots.  Other than that, as the night wore on, the weight of my camera definitely gave me a work out.  On another note I packed some extra cookies and peanut butter sandwiches in the Pelican as I noticed from the first couple of days that only chocolate was being served in the media lounge.  Some of us also decided to stay in the pit in between the shows instead of going to the media lounge so it was important to have some kind of lunch packed.  Thanks a bunch to Ron Louie who shared an abundance of great pastries and other sweets which definitely boosted my energy levels.

Above is an image from my favourite designer of the day which was Rachel Mara although Joe Fresh Style got the most hype and drew the largest crowd.

First runway show of the day was Chloecommeparris and can be viewed here

Second runway show was MARTHE AIME and can be viewed here

Third runway show was Attitude, Only at Sears and can be viewed here

Fourth runway show was Rachel Mara and can be viewed here

Fifth runway show was Joe Fresh Style and can be viewed here

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