Oct 222010

Last day of LG Fashion Week and I needed to get a shot of me with my “idol” George Pimentel.  I used to watch a great T.V. show called ‘One Shot’ several years ago.  It was about the paparazzi and I remember thinking George was not only hilarious but man did he ever get his shots.  It made me realize back then that you need more than just technical skill to become a successful photographer.  You need to be business minded, original, creative, persistent, as well as have the personality to succeed.  I saw George on Day 1 and introduced myself making it very clear that I wasn’t kissing is arse but that I totally respected and dug his work.  It went something like this.

“George.  How are you? My name is Luis and I am a big fan.  I’m not kissing your ass but I love your stuff.  I use to watch the show One Shot and thought that was great.”

“Thanks Luis.  I like you already.  Where are you sitting?  You need a spot beside me?”

Anyway, it was great to meet him and converse with him a couple of times during the week.  This shot was taken of me and George by Dickson Ly another great photographer I met during the week.  I actually met several fantastic photographers.  It was more comradery as opposed to competition when trying to get a spot in the pit.  I felt for some of the late comers who didn’t get a spot or reserve one on Day 1 and they would scramble on the floor in front of the pit for every show.  This did make it interesting however as I met different photographers in front of me almost every show.

So there you have it.  First LG Fashion Week done and man did my body go through a workout.  Loved it though and will definitely be at the next one. Now time to review and edit thousands of images from the week.

Thanks again to Joe from Riveting Riffs Magazine.

First runway show was Lana Dugmag and can be viewed here

Second runway show was Duy and can be viewed here

Third runway show was Amanda Lew Kee and can be viewed here

Fourth runway show was Denis Gagnon and can be viewed here

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