Nov 072010

Another relaxing day at Edwards Gardens.  Although I come here to hopefully find some interesting things to shoot, I mainly come here to ease my mind and to free myself for a few hours from the regular hustle and bustle.  No directing, no negotiating, no calculating, no proposals, no contracts, no quotes, basically no communication.  Although I do have my iPhone with me, its on silent mode and buried deep in the camera bag.  I feel such great accomplishment after I leave Edwards Gardens even if I only get a couple of shots that I like (as it happened today) and I think this is because I can actually just leave work behind. Harder than you think.  I know people have different ways to escape and purge the everyday noise they must encounter but how many actually can truly feel that they succeeded in relaxing?  Anyway enough babble about that.  I also get some much needed exercise.

Music for the day included Neko Case’s album Furnace Room Lullaby .

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