Nov 112010

Great night shooting the lovely Anushka from Toronto.  It has been a while since I contributed some work to my latest fashion book and Anushka not only happily accepted the theme but actually said, “I was hoping you were going to ask that”, when I asked her if she minded smudging her mascara for the last set of frames.  Although I’ve yet to title this theme and more importantly the book, I’ve used the word ‘alternative’ to keep it simple.  For the model, I tell them to think sad and angry thoughts and that it’s more about nailing the emotion rather than the poses.  I also encourage awkward poses and in some instances I direct the model to dance, walk, basically act and move and I’ll just shoot when I see something I like or think would work for this theme.  Its great to have a model that is open to this and Anushka was fantastic.  For the lighting I keep it really simple.  One small softbox to light the model.  The more shadows the better.  Probably my post work is what keeps this theme consistent and moody.  I think I definitely got something on the last image above.

Thanks to Colette for her assistance and shoes.

Soundtrack by request from Anushka was Stevie Wonder’s The Definitive Collection.

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