Apr 302011

Fun day shooting Chloe as she modelled Joy Couture’s latest designs.  These shots were at Joy’s new location and she hadn’t really settled in yet so trying to find space to shoot was a bit of a challenge. To make things even more challenging, Joy overlooked the ‘seamless paper ‘detail and the room that was to be used for studio space didn’t even have a spare wall that could be used as a back drop. Anyway we ended up shooting mainly in the hallway and the rooftop and good thing I brought most of my lighting equipment to combat any situation. The hallway was challenging not only in space but with ambient spilling in all directions. The first and last image above were a two strobe set up (beauty dish as a main and umbrella for fill).  I also used an SB800 to help kill some ambient in the background.  The lingerie shots were a two strobe set up (soft box for main and snoot for some rim light). The second image on the rooftop was shot mid day and I used only one strobe (beauty dish) to overpower the sun that was directly above Chloe.  I think the bigger challenge shooting on the rooftop today was having the fans from McDonald’s next door blowing the smell of french fries in our direction. Anyway, I think we got some great images today.

Thanks to Val from VDH Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling and to Joy for setting up the shoot.


One Response to “Joy Couture Shoot with Chloe”

  1. Colette says:

    So this is where you were…;) Nice work too!

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