May 272011

Another season and I was again the Official Photographer – Sponsor for The Clothing Show.  It was a fun weekend filled with some great local designers and vintage clothing.  This year the venue moved to the Queen Elizabeth Building and although the runway set up was similar to last season, the lighting was not.  There were some great stage lights but unfortunately the runway was to the right of them as opposed to underneath them (not that that may have been any better) creating shadows on one side and harsh lighting on the other side of the models.  This was due to some drains where the runway would have been and we know that would have been a bit of a disaster with those heels. The stage lights were a also bit direct and did not light the runway evenly leaving me with several inconsistent shots.  There were a couple of sweet spots but within the sweet spots I had to battle the usual possibilities of shots being ruined from flashes, models eyes closed or looking down, not getting the right step in the walk etc. There was also some inconsistent lighting at the end of the runway.  On the photographers’ left of centre was a very contrasty direct light and there was no direct light right of centre thus making it 4 stops darker.  Don’t get me wrong, I got many great shots but what else would we photographers talk about.  Regardless, the shows went well. There were 4 shows total on Friday encompassing 24 designers and 8 shows on Saturday (same 4 shows repeated twice).  Also, the Clothing Show for the first time added 4 shows on Sunday.  Yes that’s a long weekend for everyone involved. Visit for the complete listing of designers.

It was a great weekend for me and not only did I enjoy meeting past designers, models, photographers and MUA’s, but meeting new contacts as well.

Thanks to Heather (Runway Director)  and her team for a great job in containing the chaos that you never saw.

Thanks also to Clayton and Bonnie from the Clothing Show.

Friday’s runway images can be viewed here.

Saturday’s runway images can be viewed here.

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